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Short Hair Teen Real Life Sex Doll Aray 150cm
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Short Hair Teen Real Life Sex Doll Aray 150cm

Konnichiwa! I am Aray Ito, originally from Niigata Japan along the beautiful mountainous coast to the west. Many years ago before I was born, my parents visited the island of Jamaica on vacation. They heard and fell in love with this name, which means ‘Golden’ in that country. Father insisted on giving me that name. He also calls me his little ‘strawberry’ because of my small size, short hair and lightly blushed and soft complexion. I am careful not to spend too much time in the sun. I’m more of an indoor girl…

I enjoy reading and creative writing. As I research information on just about any topic, I learn how much more there is to know about each subject and the world. I know this doesn’t seem to be normal for a cute teen like me, but I find the more words I know, the better I can describe things.

A good example would be if I were writing about my round little butt! Did you know there are more than 50 words to describe a ‘booty’? Buns, bums, bustle, booty pop, ass, back door, badunkadonk, glutes, junk in the trunk, jiggle butt and tail, just to name a few. After I found these and more, I wondered how many words there are to describe my little B cup boobs? I quickly found bazooms, sweater puppies, the ‘twins’, hooters, chesticles, mosquito bites, headlights…yikes! Hey, wanna get together and do some research. I promise it will be eye opening! (wink).

【Doll Size】
Height: 150cm
Bust: 71cm
Under bust: 56cm
Waist: 51cm
Hip: 81cm
Shoulder Width: 32cm
Arm length: 45cm
Hand length: 17cm
Leg length: 91cm
Foot length: 20cm
Mouth: 13cm
Vagina: 18cm
Anus: 16cm
Net weigth: 29kg
Carton dimension: 140cm*38cm*27cm

Discreet Packing

Discreet Packing

Free gifts will be delivered together with sex dolls to offer you the best sex experience.

Free Gifts: Sexy Underwear x 1, Gloves x 1, Comb x 1, Vaginal Heater x 1, Vaginal Irrigator x 1, Blanket x 1.


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